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With the continuously evolving digital shifts in the business world, our SEO Agency aims to make the most of this constant change. We work with effective SEO practices to boost your presence & grow your business online.

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Our SEO Agency in the UAE helps guide you to choose the best SEO practices for your business to optimize your visibility, boosts your credibility & promotes content marketing.


Reach out to our SEO Agency in Dubai, and we walk you through the possibilities of your website or applications being easily found by your desired audience on a broader scale and chalk out your expected scope of work.

We strategize, analyze & chalk out a complete SEO strategy for boosting the visibility of your businesses by understanding your target audience.

Implementing the strategy to win in the longer run. With the ever-changing SEO trends, our eyes are always on the goal!




"Highly recommend puneet & his team from Tequila, who did an amazing job with the overall branding & dynamic website design. five stars to you all!!"


"Brilliant experience, with amazing results, and very satisfied with the results. Tequila takes you through the entire process of branding as they are designing a logo for you, we enjoyed every moment of it!"


"From conceptualization through to delivery, the team was with us every step of the way and left no stone unturned in the delivery of a great end-product."


"I am a fashion/ wardrobe stylist and the team at Tequila's understanding of branding, website design and development is excellent, not to forget their work ethics and professionalism is admirable."
Miraj Mohamed

Goldmine Films

Years of fruitful collaboration with "Tequila", a branding and digital agency, and their amiable and approachable nature makes them an exceptional partner to work with!

LevelUP Mentor

Tequila’s insightful branding process enabled LevelUp to translate our vision into an impressive brand and website that exceeds all expectations, always going above and beyond.
Sonia Harjani

Sona Business B.V.

We really enjoyed working with Puneet & team for our rebranding , website redesign & development for our Telecom brand, they are great at what they do, and they were super efficient & proactive throughout.
Kavneet Kaur

MSM Investment Advisor

Team Tequila has designed and developed a fully functional dynamic website for our company, and we are very happy with their services & constant support.


  • How do you define a brand? Down Arrow

    A brand is a mark of a company, an identifying name or a particular product of an organization that catches the attention of the customers instantly. It holds the tendency to create an everlasting appeal through its trust building, customer loyalty, and visual appeal. Concisely, the look and feel and the brand story altogether make up for a successful brand.

  • What is branding all about? Down Arrow

    Branding refers to carving out an outstanding and unique reputation of an organization that could help it to stand out in the competition. The honest branding efforts of our Dubai agency work effectively in executing this purpose with excellence. We make sure to enthrall the attention of the potential audience toward your brand instantly through our innovatively designed logos, tone of voice, punch lines, brand name and so on.

  • Why does a brand hold immense importance for a company? Down Arrow

    Branding is extensively important for the overall success of an organization. It helps to invigorate faith among the customers and makes them loyal to your product or services. Here are added factors that contribute to the value of branding.

    • Ensures a unique brand identity to your agency
    • Builds customer loyalty on a mass level
    • Makes you highly competitive in your business niche
    • Connects with your customers on the emotional front
    • High employee satisfaction and retention rate within your company
    • Entices a pool of talent to work for your company
  • What are the most sought after elements for branding? Down Arrow

    Here is a quick look at the most widely demanded branded elements that our Dubai agency implements as a part of our branding campaign for your business.

    • Logo design: An integral element of branding it strikes the mind of customers instantly.
    • Color scheme: The choice of apt colors ensures a distinct appearance to your organization.
    • Catchphrase: Also termed as the tagline, it sums up the goal of your brand in just a few words.
    • Shapes: The type of shape matters significantly in aligning your brand with its persona.
    • Communication: It subsumes numerous ways used to promote your brand via various platforms.
    • Tone of Voice: We segregate your brand from the rest ones with a distinguished vocab and voice.
    • Typography: Choosing the most befitting fonts for your website helps us to convey the purpose of your brand effectively.
  • Is a brand and a logo the same? Down Arrow

    For sure, a logo gives your brand a unique identity, but it would be unfair to call it a brand standalone. This is because the name, the tagline, the color choice, typeface, iconography and many other factors hold the tendency to give your brand a separate identity. Hence, logo and brand are not the same.

  • How do you differentiate between branding and logo design? Down Arrow

    Logo design is the practice of designing a logo for your business in the wake of giving a specific identity to your brand. As for branding, it helps the potential customers to identify with your brand the moment they come across any of its branding identities such as its logo, slogan, colors, etc. Briefly, you can infer that a logo is highly effective in building an exceptional visual identity of your company. Hence, it contributes to your overall branding efforts with encouraging results.

  • What are the logo design options for our brand? Down Arrow

    We provide you with numerous logo design options to choose from:

    Lettermarks: They include brand initials, letters, and several other typography based logos that assist customers in instant brand recognition.

    Wordmarks: These font-based logos consist of the brand name only and include only words, without any image. A short and unique brand name with a wordmark logo can prove fruitful in creating a unique brand identity.

    Symbols: This option acts as the pictorial representation of your brand and is sufficient to give a brand identity to your. The logos of Apple, YouTube, Microsoft, etc. are all the ideal examples of symbols.

    In addition to these widely preferred options, you can also choose from among emblems, Mascots, Abstract logo marks and many more selections to ensure an enticing and result-centric logo design for your branding campaign.

  • What is the cost of branding and logo design in your company? Down Arrow

    The prices of our logo design and branding services depend on your specific requirement. We can spill the beans about them the better way after listening to your branding goal and the way you want to attain it. Our Dubai based digital marketing agency is ever ready to assist in your branding at the most reasonable cost. So you can remain rest assured of quality services at the most cost-effective charges.

  • Do you also include business cards, email signatures and other components in your branding service? Down Arrow

    Yes, of course. Our branding package is customizable to help you make the most of our services at a reasonable cost. Depending on your specific requirement, our branding company in Dubai strives to come up with the best of business materials, which include:

    • Business cards
    • Signage
    • Letterhead and continuation sheets
    • Envelope
    • Powerpoint & word template
    • Compliment slips
    • Corporate brochures
  • What are the elements included as a part of your branding services? Down Arrow

    We extend an entire range of business materials to add essence to your branding campaign. Some of the common elements we use to endorse your brand among your targeted audience include:

    • Corporate brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • Continuation sheets
    • Signage
    • envelopes
    • Word and PowerPoint template
    • Compliment slips
  • Are you able to customize an already existing logo to create brand guidelines and related materials for our branding campaign? Down Arrow

    Whether you want to create brand guidelines or any other important business collateral, the creative designers at our branding agency in Dubai are the best to work on your task. You will surely like the manner we customize your existing logo to leave it with an unparalleled appearance.

  • What steps do you carry out for logo design at your end? Down Arrow

    Logo holds high essence in creating an appreciable visual identity of your product or services. Depending on your respective requirements, we customize our logo design steps accordingly. Here are some of the common steps:

    • Evaluating the brand: We analyze your brand to deliver a gripping logo design. In the run, we explore it in detail and brainstorm the logo ideas that could go along nicely with your brand. You can call this the client discovery phase.
    • Field specific research: In-depth information about your competitors and targeted customers enables us to get useful insights for your logo designing efforts.
    • Application of Logo: It is important to know the exact location of the newly designed logo, be it physical or a digital space.
    • Raw Draft: Before moving over to the software, our creative design cares to draw their imaginations manually. Their raw sketches act as a launching pad in enabling us to develop new ideas and create assorted variations accordingly.
    • Digital Draft: We transform the manually drawn logo ideas into digital formats through the upscale software. Next, we will share the logo with you to get your feedback.
    • Efforts on Feedback: After grasping your inputs, we discuss the feedback further with our design team and other responsible team members. Their vivid interpretations help us to draw even more eye-catching logo designs.
    • The Ultimate draft: After repeated iterations and client responses, we finally get ready with our ultimate draft of logo design and share it with the client. We provide the client with every single information about the logo design, including the font, the color scheme, the reason to choose tagline, and so on.
  • What is your mode of working? Down Arrow

    Let’s find out the modus operandi of our branding company in Dubai.

    • Project start
    • Interaction with the client
    • Creating branding and logo design efforts
    • Client feedback and approval on our efforts
    • Handover the final prints to the client
  • Would you like to hear ideas from us or prefer initiating the branding campaign on your own? Down Arrow

    Both ways will work for us. We can come up with an idea of your own depending on your specific inputs. Evidently, we will start working on it to create a brand identity of your organization. Alternatively, you are always welcome to share your ideas so that we could discuss it together to devise a mutually agreed branding strategy.

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