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Plumsheep, a visionary company, was started with a mission to infuse design values into environments, enabling clients and creatives to make bold, confident decisions.

Branding Agency Dubai
Branding Agency Dubai
Branding Agency Dubai
Branding Agency Dubai

A strong need for a comprehensive rebrand with defined brand elements

Plumsheep approached our agency seeking a complete branding transformation, encompassing brand identity, typography, brand imagery, brand archetype, business card design, invoice design, and more. Seeking to carve a unique identity in a competitive landscape and bridge the divide between clients and creatives, we aimed to create a cohesive brand image while developing a suite of visual assets and redesigning business cards and invoices to reflect its brand identity. Our agency led a comprehensive rebranding effort that involved market research, a vibrant color palette, typography selection, brand imagery curation, and defining Plumsheep's brand archetype as the "Outlaw." Designed business cards and invoices projected professionalism, and this rebranding empowered Plumsheep to make confident decisions that resonated with its clients and creatives.

Branding Agency Dubai

Fostering Brand Recognition & Memorability

The company emerged with a distinct brand identity that not only set it apart in the industry but also fostered recognition and memorability. The newly created cohesive brand image successfully bridged the gap between clients and creatives, fostering a sense of unity and trust among key stakeholders. Ultimately, this comprehensive rebranding aims at empowering Plumsheep to make bold decisions with confidence, much like it empowers its clients and creatives in the world of design. This case study serves as a testament to our agency's expertise in crafting holistic branding solutions that empower businesses to not only stand out but also thrive in their respective industries.

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