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A specialty coffee roaster and retailer Peet's Coffee, with over 200 stores across the US was introduced by Americana Foods in the Middle East recently, and they wanted to go big with the launch with an impressive website showcasing their products, and more, and we stepped in and delivered just that.


Peet's Coffee is widely recognized as a pioneer of specialty coffee due to its rich, complex and bold coffee flavors and its strong commitment to sourcing high-quality coffee beans from all over the world. Our main goal was to design a bilingual, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that incorporated the brand’s exceptional history & products.

In order to capture the essence of an international brand, we crafted an inviting color palette for the website by choosing a combination of warm and earthy tones of the shades of brown and beige. This allowed the expression of the rich and natural flavors of coffee. Moreover, these colors were complemented by white and light gray to create a clean and modern look, appealing to both traditional and contemporary coffee drinkers. The website was structured & designed keeping in mind the demographics the brand was targeting specific to the region of Middle East. Subtle animations were added throughout the website to enhance interactivity and increase user engagement. As the majority of people predominantly access websites from their mobile, we made sure that the website was optimized for both desktop and mobile users, and compatible across browsers.


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