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Sejal Nagjee, a highly experienced landscape designer and interior stylist, has devoted 18+ years to the art of transforming spaces, consistently delivering fresh and vibrant environments for Milestone's esteemed clientele, which she required to be reflected from her website too.

Website Design for Milestone Dubai
Website Design for Milestone Dubai
Responsive website Design for Milestone Dubai
Website Design for Milestone Dubai

Our mission to elevate her customer's experience through highly engaging designs

The challenge was to design an aristocratic website for a celebrity designer like Sejal Nagjee that is aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and elegant, which matches the design aesthetics of Milestone and its portfolio of high-end, creative, and unique projects. It was enthralling, that we were given creative liberty by Sejal, the founder of Milestone Dubai, who expressed her contentment in our visuals, and that she found them to be in sync with her style of work.

Website Design for Milestone Dubai

Implementing highly aesthetic, functional, and user efficient designs

Crafting the Dynamic (CMS-based) website for Milestone Dubai, a top-notch Landscaping and Interior Design company headquartered in Dubai, our team worked diligently to ensure that the website was not only beautiful but also highly functional and optimized for SEO. To start the project, we conducted a thorough analysis of Milestone Dubai's existing website, identifying areas for improvement and gathering insights into their business goals and customer needs. We then worked on the low fidelity wireframes, and visual designs that were in line with their aesthetics, that showcased Milestone Dubai's unique style and creativity by incorporating subtle animations and high-quality visuals throughout their website.

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