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We partnered with CloudX, a pioneering experiential marketing company, to craft a brand identity that reflects their innovative approach and ability to deliver limitless experiences

Elevating the Brand Vision: CloudX's existing brand lacked the visual representation of their expansive capabilities

We designed a dynamic logo featuring an "X" with a perspective shift, symbolizing the limitless growth and scalability of CloudX's experiential marketing solutions. The visual metaphor perfectly encapsulates their ability to craft unique and ever-expanding brand experiences.

To reinforce CloudX's brand message, we developed a comprehensive brand collateral suite, including business cards, letterhead, a captivating PowerPoint deck, and a comprehensive brand book. These materials all adhere to a unified visual language, ensuring brand recognition and consistency across all touchpoints.

CloudX's new brand identity now radiates innovation and boundless potential. The logo's visual metaphor effectively communicates their ability to deliver limitless brand experiences. The cohesive brand collateral ensures a strong and consistent brand presence, setting CloudX apart in the experiential marketing landscape. Through this collaboration, we successfully elevated CloudX's brand identity, creating a visual language that perfectly embodies their mission to craft unforgettable and ever-expanding brand experiences.

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